10 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2020

10 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2020

There are many young and dynamic people in India who want to start their own business and earn big money. They are always looking for small business ideas with little investment. To support them here is a comprehensive list of 10 small business ideas for 2020 with low investment and high profits. These business ideas are suitable for college students, housewives and women. These business ideas are distinct from geographical constraints and market conditions. These business ideas will work anywhere, be it Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi or Hyderabad etc.
I have categorized each business idea based on its type and required investment. The list includes part-time, home-based and online business concepts.

10 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2020

#1 Unique Business Ideas

1. Area for children's play / adventure

The first unique and profitable business concept is a children's playground or place of adventure. Children love to spend time in the creative play area or in a place where they can experience adventure. You can start your own business by setting up such a place. The investment required for this business is moderate.

2. Tea / coffee cafe

One of the best ideas for a creative business is tea or coffee cafe é in this business you need to set up a unique tea or coffee cafe in terms of environment and furniture. You may want to consider serving tea or coffee with a unique taste. You can start this business on your own or on a rental basis.

3. Custom gift shop

Custom gift shop is one of the best ideas for creative business. In this business you need to provide services by providing customized gifts according to the needs of the customer. Some examples are printed T-shirts, mugs, customized cards, photo albums, watches, mirrors, cardholders, etc. You can open this store online or offline. The success rate of this business is high.

4. Ancient business

Antique product business is a very good business idea. In this business you will be dealing with antique items and furniture. You can start this business by arranging auctions or opening a small shop. It is a luxury segment business and it is difficult to find buyers in this business. But it is a very lucrative business.

5. Interior designer

One of the most popular and creative options for business is becoming an interior designer. If you are a citizen or have an architectural background, you can start an interior design business.

6. Tuition Class

Starting at Tuition Class is one of the best home based business idea. If you have good teaching skill and knowledge you can start this business. You just need few wooden benches and blackboard for starting this business. At an initial stage this business demands mouth publicity or advertisement.

7. Cooking Class

A housewife expert in cooking can start a cooking class at home. You may need to buy some equipments like oven, tandoor, chopper etc. to make your cooking easy. You may need extra room or space a kitchen to teach all students. You may need to take training to improve your culinary skills in making specialized food such as Thai, Chinese, Italian etc.

8. Yoga Class

Starting a yoga class is one of the profitable and lucrative home based business option. Wellness industry in India is growing at faster pace. People are changing their mindset from remedial to preventive care approach. If you are certified yoga teacher or expert in yoga you can start your own Yoga Class. First decide type of Yoga you will be teaching and your competency.  Next is deciding place and investment required for the business.

9. Spoken English Coaching Class

Spoken English coaching is popular home based business idea. If you are fluent in English you can start Spoken English coaching classes. English is globally recognized language. People are ready to spend money to develop a skill related to spoken English. The class can be started with minimum investment. However, you have to be perfect and professional in teaching English.

10. MLM – Network Marketing

MLM is also known as referral marketing business. In this business you need to sell product and services of associated company. Your income includes income from your own sales and percentage income from the sales group which is recruited by you. It is a team business which demands a lot of hard work and dedication.

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